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Modern Farming is a full-time business, with successful farmers needing a grasp of Agri Science, Statistics and real time minute information to get higher yields from both lands and herds.

Farm Smart have partnered with Irish owned electricity supplier Pinergy to offer farmers an electricity package that aims to reduce both usage and cost. Farm Smart wants to treat intensive farming as a business that runs on information, and not just another customer to bill every month!

Smart Agri is an innovative energy solution designed for Farmers and Creameries to :

  • Supply of Electricity

  • Understand your energy usage across the farm every day

  • Manage your energy risks associated with supply, power outages and surges

  • Control your energy costs

  • Access to Wind, Solar, LED, Heat Pumps, Water, Refrigeration and Electric vehicle technology

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Our advisors are experts in farm energy management.
With the help of Pinergy Smart Agri, you can understand and control your farm’s energy usage.