Winter Night rate schedule

Pinergy Dairy Farmers benefit from half price night rate electricity at peak consumption time 

Winter night rate schedule
12 Midnight to 9am Morning Time
Summer night rate  schedule
1am Night time  to 10am Morning time

Summer Night rate schedule

Are you maximizing on your night rate ? Most dairy farmers are not – in fact studies have shown if you are not using 25% or more consumption at night time it’s not even worth while having a night saver meter

Get the time schedule that can max on this
Pinergy’s Agri Smart meter can help you achieve 50% and more depending on how you can work with in the time parameters

We will help you achieve this 
If you currently are a 24hour meter – we will arrange a change over to Night save meter ( Free of Charge ) 

The benefits of Pinergy Smart Agri are clear

Renewable Energy Services

  • Energy Management
  • Heat Pumps
  • Led Lighting
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • CHP and other energy solutions…

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With the help of Pinergy Smart Agri, you can understand and control your farm’s energy usage.